Pipe Dies

ETA pipe dies are used for single and multi-wall extrusion of up to 5 layers, with polyolefin materials and engineering thermoplastics. The dies contain spiral mandrel systems with cylindrical, concentric manifolds and adapted melt pre-distribution. Die heads for all pipe diameters requested.



  • Pipes free from marks and weld lines
  • Uniform wall thickness 
  • Smooth surfaces
  • High throughput rates
  • Good purging and long life
  • Ease of handling 
  • Maximum versatility and reliability
  • Flexibility in terms of materials and output

Highest quality 

  • Lay-out and design with CFD support
  • Optimisation by experienced engineering team
  • Innovative design
  • Precise manufacturing
  • Modern material and surface technologies

Special criteria

  • Compact design
  • Few die components 
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Short dimension change time
  • Versatile die carriage
  • Provision for internal cooling
  • Colour striping in base unit or with add-on module

ETA Pipe Dies
ETA Pipe Dies.pdf (366.64KB)
ETA Pipe Dies
ETA Pipe Dies.pdf (366.64KB)