Business Fields

Overview about Custom Designed Extrusion Dies and Components

Pipe Dies
for mono- and co-extrusion in all application fields

Blow Moulding Die Heads
for mono- and multi-layer containers

Coating and Sheathing
for outside sheathing and internal coating of solid and flexible products 

Small Pipe Dies
for fluid-carrying lines and tubes with up to 7 functional layers

Blown Film Dies and Internal Bubble Cooling Systems
for all kind of mono- and multi-layer films

Plasticising Units and Extruders

Plasticising Screws
Barrier-Mixing-Screws and Mixing Elements

Repair or flow re-engineering of melt distributors and extrusion dies

Sheet and Flat Film Dies
for products with excellent wall thickness distribution

Electro-Mechanical Centering Device
for centering of extrusion dies for uniform product wall thickness