Blown Film Dies

ETA blown film dies are used for the production of most types of mono- and multi-layer films and are built stationary and rotating with up to 11 layers. In addition, they can be combined with internal bubble cooling systems.

The dies contain spiral mandrel systems with cylindrical or conical, concentric distributors or circular distributors in modular, sequential arrangement.


  • Good thickness tolerances
  • High throughput rates
  • Best oprical quality - no flow lines
  • Fast purging for rapid material and colour change
  • Ease of handling
  • Compact design, low height
  • Open centre for IBC

Highest Quality

  • Innovative design ideas
  • Precise manufacturing
  • Modern material and surface technologies
  • Computer aided lay-out
  • Experienced engineering team
ETA Blown Film Dies
ETA Blown Film Dies.pdf (1.1MB)
ETA Blown Film Dies
ETA Blown Film Dies.pdf (1.1MB)