Blow Moulding Heads

Conventional die heads for extrusion blow moulding are based on spider designs or heart-shaped manifolds. With these designs flow and weld lines are unavoidable. However, spiral mandrel manifolds are able to produce parisons with homogenous material structure around their circumference.  ETA supplies spiral mandrel die heads for mono- and multi-layer blow moulded articles, for continuous parison extrusion and accumulator heads, single or multiple die heads. ETA coextrusion die heads with 6 or 7 layers are very favourable proven solution for the blow moulding of multi-layer plastic fuel tanks and multi-layer filler pipes for automotive applications. We also supply twin-sheet systems.

Characetristics and Advantages

  • Concentric spiral mandrel manifolds with sophisticated melt pre-distribution and optimised layer combining
  • Very compact size and very low weight
  • Extreme versatility regarding materials, total throughput and layer structure
  • Even circumferential layer distribution without any flow lines
  • Very thin adhesive and barrier layers possible
  • Excellent purging behaviour
  • Fast start-up and shut-down processes, very short heat-up times, purging procedures and cool-down times
  • Most modern die materials and surface coatings

Actual die designs manufactured have die exit diameters ranging from 10 mm to 1000 mm and total throughputs from 10 to 1850 kg/h. The scope of supply of ETA can include adapters for the connection of die head and extruders, die sets (quick change systems are an option) and hydraulic cylinders for parison thickness programming. Small 6- and 7-layer die heads for blow moulded filler pipes can be equipped with a radial wall thickness programming mechanism (RWDS) designed by ETA.

ETA Blow Moulding Heads
ETA Blow Moulding Heads.pdf (766.24KB)
ETA Blow Moulding Heads
ETA Blow Moulding Heads.pdf (766.24KB)